Come meet `Imi Kai, Kona Diving Company’s small, fast adventure boat!  Limited to only 5 passengers, trips on `Imi Kai allow our experienced guides to lead advanced divers on outings with a twist on the more typical Kona boat dive experience.  Drift through clouds of fish along a deep drop-off, allowing our skilled captains to pick us up wherever we end up! Spend time exploring canyons, caverns, pinnacles and lava tubes! Experience the incredible diversity that the Kona Coast has to offer from a different prospective!

`Imi Kai goes out nearly daily on a variety of exciting advanced excursions, including:

Two or Three Tank Long Range Advanced dive trips:

Join us for an adventurous day long excursion on `Imi Kai as we explore dives sites further away from home and off the beaten path. We let the ocean be our guide and head either north or south to see dramatic diversity in habitats and topography. With more time on the water, these trips tend to have an ocean safari feel as we sometimes encounter dolphins, rays, whales (in season) or even sharks along the way. These trips are especially conditions-dependent. **

Two or Three Tank Local Advanced dive trips: 

Return to some of the dive sites that you already know and love from previous outings and experience them in a new way!  Drift along a drop off or explore every nook and cranny of the shoreline.  Be there when we discover new sites during exploration dives! Enjoy some local sites that we don’t typically dive from Hale Kai due to more advanced square profiles. **

In order to participate in our advanced `Imi Kai charters, you must have recent diving experience with Kona Diving Company (start your trip with a 2-tank morning on Hale Kai!) and be able to hold a safety stop in blue water without a line.  Since some of our dive sites have incredible structure to explore, `Imi Kai guests should be comfortable in limited overhead environments and able to demonstrate strong buoyancy skills to safely enjoy fragile structure in close quarters.  Some dives on advanced `Imi Kai trips involve deeper profiles, so `Imi Kai guests should be also comfortable with depth. **

**Nitrox** is strongly suggested on all `Imi Kai Advanced dive trips and is required for all Three Tank dive trips.  We are happy to set you up with an Introduction to Nitrox so that you can experience diving with the benefits of Nitrox (Intro to Nitrox does not result in any certification). Or better yet, click here to begin your Nitrox certification at home and finish it up with us when you get here!

Advanced 2-tank local – $175


Advanced 3-tank local – $210


Advanced 2-tank long – $235


Advanced 3-tank long – $285


All packages include air tanks & weights.
(all prices before taxes and fees)

If the conditions do not allow for longer distance travel on a day when a long range trip is scheduled we’ll make every effort to reschedule.

48 hour cancellation policy applies to most bookings
Please click here for reservations policies.


Add-Ons for Boat Charters

Rental gear package – $40 complete set/15 per piece per 24 hours.
Weight integrated BCD, your choice of 3 or 5 mm wetsuit and regulator with computer.
Rental gear ala carte – $15 per piece per 24 hours.
Weight integrated BCD, wetsuit, regulator with a computer.
Nitrox (both 32% and 36% offered on every charter and highly recommended)$10 per tank.
Not Nitrox certified? We can help with that!