Join us and explore the reef after dark. Meet all the crazy critters that hide during the day, emerging after sunset! 

Have you ever wondered how eels hunt?  Have you ever met a sleepy sponge crab?  Have you ever noticed dozens of reflective shrimp eyes illuminated by your dive light staring back at you from the reef? Have you ever encountered a nudibranch the size of your foot? Have you ever watched a four-foot long lion’s paw sea cucumber feeding? Have you ever seen a parrot fish asleep in a cocoon made of its own spittle? These are just some of the things we regularly see at night on the reefs in Kona. Come find out why night dives are our crew’s favorite dives!

Dive lights provided.

$135 including air tanks, weights & light.
(all prices before taxes and fees)

48 hour cancellation policy applies to most bookings
Please click here for reservations policies.


Add-Ons for Boat Charters

Rental gear package – $40 complete set/15 per piece per 24 hours.
Weight integrated BCD, your choice of 3 or 5 mm wetsuit and regulator with computer.
Rental gear ala carte – $15 per piece per 24 hours.
Weight integrated BCD, wetsuit, regulator with a computer.
Nitrox (both 32% and 36% offered on every charter and highly recommended)$10 per tank.
Not Nitrox certified? We can help with that!