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2-tank Manta Ray Night Dive -- $140 per diver plus tax

1-tank PM Manta Ray Night Dive -- $120 per diver plus tax

Charters include: air tanks, weights, food, drink (hot and cold) & hot shower on board

Join us for Kona's magical water ballet! This dive is rated one of the top ten dives in the world and should not be missed!

Several mantas glide together and perform what appears to be a magnificent water ballet, swimming up, down, back and forth, often skimming the water right in front of your face! It's an amazing experience that you will remember always!


This is also a great night out for snorkelers, since they get to see the same show as the divers do, only they are floating at the surface. The mantas sometimes come so close to snorkelers that they may feel the brush up against them. This is probably one of the only experiences where divers and snorkelers are equally thrilled and entertained! What a great night for the entire family! For more information on this trip for snorkelers, please visit our Snorkel or Ride Along page.

After about 45 minutes, we head back to the boat and our staff breaks down the gear while we make our way back to the harbor. Bring a towel and a sweatshirt or cover up so you will be warm after removing your wetsuit!


Additional prices:

Full dive gear rental on charters: $30 per day
Individual gear rental: BCD $12, Regulator with octopus & computer $12, Wetsuit $12

Enriched-air fills (NITROX: 32% and 36%) : $10 per tank (Certification required)


Kona Diving Company is a Manta Ray Green List activity provider.


48-hour cancellation policy applies to all bookings, all prices subject to change